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(Soil & Foundation

Specialisations at a glance

  •  Bored cast in situ piles
  •  Driven piles
  •  Pre cast piles
  •  Undreamed piles
  •  Micro piles
  •   Bored compaction piles
  •  Sheet piles
  •  Secant Piles
Ground Strengthening / Improvement
  •  Stone columns
  •  Dynamic compaction
  •  Dynamic replacements
  •  Vibro compaction
  •  Vertical drains
Pile Testing
  •  Vertical load testing in compression
  •  Lateral load testing
  •  Pull out test
  •  Sonic Integrity Test
  •  Dynamic Test
Geo- Technical investigations
  •  Rotary drilling
  •  Percussion drilling
  •  Augering
  •  Disturbed sampling
  •  Undisturbed sampling
Rain Water Harvesting
Exploratory core drilling
  •  Rock core sampling
  •  Soldier pile wall
    • (a) With timber shoring
    • (b) With soilcrete shoring
  •  Bored pile walls
  •  Diaphragm walls
  •  Temporary anchors
  •  Permanent anchors
Non destructive Testing
  •  Compressive strength
  •  Uniformity of concrete
  •  Rebar detection
  •  Corrosion analysis

Our Specialisations

Bored Cast-in-situ Piles

Using DMC process / bailer chisel system/Hydraulic Rotary rig

Driven Piles

Compact formations an improved system excellent for round compaction in seismic zones. Also highly efficient yet economical, faster construction even in crowded locations

Pre-cast Piles

Segmental piles - in smaller lengths, with proprietary joints, speedy construction

Under-reamed Piles

In normal soils and by using modified equipments for sandy and collapsible soils

Bored Compaction Piles

Highly efficient system with guided reinforcement, low settlements, high anchorage

Pile Testing

Initial and routine load test of any tonnage

Ground Strengthening

Compact formations have been effectively used. Auger bored stone columns used extensively provide overall uniform & positive compaction

Diaphragm Walls

Flexible diaphragm wall, made continuously with improved techniques, efficient and economical, also with overlapping bores

Multiple Basements

Improved design and construction makes actual construction possible both up and down wards simultaneously

Diamond core Drilling

Up to 250 m depth

Non Core Drilling & Grouting

Curtain & consolidation grouting for Dam foundation/Galleries

Rock Anchors

For foundation of Ropeways & Towers


For surface observation and in-situ tests.

Soil Investigations/ Feasibility Studies

Static & dynamic cone tests, boring and sampling with proprietary piston samplers

Laboratory Tests

On soil and rock samples, cement and concrete

Equipment Supply

Improved/modified under reamed piling equipments for normal/batter piles, equipments for soil exploration, tamping machine for line terracing

Ground Compaction

Sand drains/wicks with improved driving techniques-more efficient and economical

Soil Nailing

Soil Densification

Rock Anchoring

Laboratory Tests

  •   Direct & Triaxial Shear tests
  •   Grain size analysis & Atterberg Limit tests
  •   Consolidation tests
  •   CBR, Proctor, bulk & dry density tests
  •   Unconfined Compression & Vane Shear tests
  •   Porosity, water absorption & permeability tests
  •   Determination of Specific Gravity & Moisture Content
  •   Free Swell, Shrinkage limit & swelling pressure tests
  •   Chemical testing of Soil & water samples
  •   Crushing strength, Point load test, Porosity, Density & Moisture content on rock specimens