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Soil Testing Consultants in India

Soil Testing Consultants in India

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SMEC is a group of qualified and experienced soil testing in India having deep knowledge of determining (testing) the kind of soil suitable for a particular foundation. We provide the service of soil testing consultants In India nationwide. Been in this service for more than 35 years, we have served a lot of clients with the best consultancy service of soil testing. 

The experienced engineers of SMEC provide the best of the consultancy in India which helps in making the owner confident so as to proceed with the construction. 


To make the buildings persist for a longer period of time, there is a need for setting down a firm foundation at the initial stage. Without laying down the foundation, one can face critical outcomes that can make the whole budget out of control. But the most essential factor before laying down the foundation is to examine the soil over there. And after the soil testing, one can determine the kind of foundation which can be laid down at a particular place. 

Soil Nailing:

A ground stabilisation technique used to reinforce soil making it more stable. It involves drilling holes for steel bars. These bars are inserted into a slope face which are then grouted in place, later a mesh is attached to the bar ends to hold the slope face in position. 

Soil Densification:

Soil Densification or compaction is a process that involves the rearrangement of the soil particles into a  tighter configuration that results in increased density increases, shear strength and liquefaction resistance of the soil.

Soil Investigations:

A soil investigation generally includes surface and subsurface exploring of the field. Sometimes geophysical techniques are used for obtaining the specific details about the ground's surface soil. While the Subsurface exploration generally involves the soil sampling and lab tests of the soil samples obtained.


  • Soil testing helps the engineer to compose an effective design.
  • It helps in recognizing the quantity, compaction, durability, and performance.
  • By performing an efficient soil testing, one can confirm the quality and safety of the structure which is to be developed.
  • It helps in determining the bearing capacity of the soil.
  • It even helps in determining the length and depth of the pillars that have to be placed in the soil.
  • The constructor will be able to determine the water table level of the soil.  


Therefore, soil testing is one of the most important factors which must be considered before laying down the foundation. And we are the most renowned soil testing consultants in India and are serving clients throughout India. 

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